Question and Answer Time.

In and effort to help make the lives of dogs and humans better we'd like to offer you any help you might

Question and Answer Time.2014-01-11T14:07:29-06:00

Patchs and Neka Playing This is a video of Patchs and Neka playing. It was taken in my back yard in June 2009. This kind

Patchs and Neka Playing2014-01-09T10:23:55-06:00

Paying it Forward – Update

Back in October of 2012 I had a chance to work with two very nice young ladies. They are hungry for knowledge

Paying it Forward – Update2013-12-26T09:46:32-06:00

Guard Dog on Duty

The following story was told to me by one of my friends in a Facebook Group. I thought you guys would like

Guard Dog on Duty2012-10-04T20:03:50-05:00

Is Your Dog a Loaded Gun?

No, I'm not asking you if your dog is a killer! But if you aren't COMPLETELY sure your dog is safe in

Is Your Dog a Loaded Gun?2012-03-19T09:00:08-05:00

What Ever Happened to Honesty

In the immortal words of singer Billy Joel, Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. Honesty is hardly ever heard.

What Ever Happened to Honesty2012-03-11T23:39:18-05:00
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