The following story was told to me by one of my friends in a Facebook Group. I thought you guys would like to read about a REAL Guard Dog. Thanks for sharing it Ann, I always enjoy your literary style!
My Audrey is a wonderful guard dog.
This morning I saw her sniffing the air… then her ears perked up. She can smell and hear thieves a mile away.
As they came closer, she began nudging my elbow… closer still, she grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and tugged. When I didn’t seem to understand that this was an emergency, she began barking… “Thieves are coming! Thieves are coming! THIEVES!!!!”
I could hear nothing, and it is still dark, so I could see nothing.
She persisted, barking louder and more fiercely as yellow lights came down the road.
Finally, I could see them. They stopped right in front of our house, causing Audrey to go WILD, spinning in circles, screaming at them, but it didn’t deter them. They took our trash anyway.