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A Better Dog 4U Offers Cedar Rapids Dog Training, Behavior Modification and Training Insights to help you better understand your dog.

Living a happy and fulfilling life with your dog begins with an open line of communication. We’ll show you how to communicate with your dog so that training  becomes fun for both you and your dog.

At A Better Dog 4U we use only time proven and humane training methods. Successful dog training revolves around knowing the dog first. To this end, our training always begins with evaluating and understanding each dog’s personality. Knowing it’s personality, it’s likes and it’s dislikes can be a great benefit during the training process.

Our training methods include reward based reinforcement and personality based training. Like a child, every dog learns a little differently and at a different speed. Because of this we customize our training plans to incorporate each dog’s personality into the training. This allows us to optimize the training in order to best fit each individual dog.

Cedar Rapids Dog Trainer
Dog Obedience Training - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A Better Dog 4U is About More Than Just Training Dogs.

Our goal is to instruct and inform owners and prospective owners.

We Love Dogs.  So teaching others how to adopt, train and properly care for dogs is important to us. Our mission is to make sure that all dogs and their owners live a happy and fulfilling life together.

A Better Dog 4U displays information from a wide variety of sources from on and off the internet. As a result, we also provide links to offsite resources that will help you in all areas of dog ownership.

All of the information posted with my name attached is based on my over five decades of first hand experience. We also rely on the experience of other professional trainers, behaviorists, rescue organizations and reputable breeders. Some of the world’s best amateur dog trainers have also provide some great information.

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“Don’t Blame Your Dog If You Don’t Teach It What You Expect… Great Dogs Don’t Just Happen… They Are Trained.”