Responsible Dog Ownership

It’s More Than Just Giving It Food & Water

Responsible Dog Ownership 

Responsible dog ownership begins with the basics, but actually goes much further. Making sure your dog has food, water, adequate shelter, daily exercise and is in good health is just the beginning.

As a responsible dog owner you need to take the necessary time and effort to learn and understand your obligations and responsibilities. Dog ownership is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have obligations and responsibilities to your dog and to society according to the law.

Dog owners who are responsible ALWAYS have their dog under complete control when it is in public! You MUST control your dog at all times by using physical restraint or voice commands. Remember, you will have big problems and possibly face a fine or loss of your dog if it hurts someone.

If Your Dog …

  • bites or hurts someone, it’s your fault.
  • runs off and causes an accident, that’s your fault too.
  • gets away from you it could be hit by a car and be fatally injured. That would be your fault too.

An experienced dog trainer or behaviorist can help you if you need help controlling your dog. We offer Basic Dog Obedience sessions all of the time.

So, don’t put off training. Because if an accident happens, it may just be too late! Your dog’s life is your responsibility. Dogs are just like a child. They depend on you for safety, guidance and leadership. You need to be able to control your dog under every possible circumstance.

Responsible dog owners also respect other people’s right to NOT have your dog jump up on Save them. Some people just don’t like dogs or are afraid of dogs. You may think your dog is only “playing” or “just being friendly” and in most cases he/she wouldn’t hurt anyone. But you need to be aware that your dog can “sense” fear.

If it happens to sense the fear in a stranger, it may see that fear as a threat and could bite them. If your dog is ever seen as a threat, your dog can be found to be a “Dangerous Dog” and it could be taken away from you. It could even be destroyed.

responsible dog ownership
responsible dog owners

Body Language & Adult Supervision

You also need to spend the time and effort to learn your dog’s body language. Knowing this information will keep your and others safe. Being able to read the signs can avoid an attack. Learning the body language of a sad, scared, upset, aggressive, nervous, territorial or possessive dog can keep everyone around you safe.

I have met many owners that feel that they know all about canine behavior and body language. I’ve also seen these same owners have a lot of close calls while trying to control their dogs in everyday situations! Even though dogs are a great addition to almost any family, we must remember that they are not little furry human beings. They don’t think like humans. Dogs are not able to rationalize like humans do. They only react to situations. That is why you must learn how your dog’s mind works. You might be very surprised at what you find!

Responsible dog owners never allow infants or young children to play with dogs without the proper adult supervision. Dogs and children can be a great combination, but dogs and children playing unattended can be a potential disaster. Being 100% certain how a dog will behave if a youngster pulls the dog’s tail or steps on it’s paws is impossible. When an adult is present, any unwanted behavior can be quickly correctly without incident.

Of course, accidents can happen. But many serious and even fatalities accidents can be avoided by simply making sure that young children are never left unsupervised with your dog.

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