How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Making Life Safe For Your Puppy

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

“Simple Steps to Puppy Proofing Your Home”

Congratulations on the adoption of your new puppy! We are so happy to hear that you have chosen to add a pet to  your family! Because you are looking for information on puppy proofing your home and creating a safe place for your puppy we know that you are going to be a great pet parent.

Because you are going to be very busy over the next few months with a rambunctious puppy it is important to puppy proof your house now while you have a chance to make sure you get everything right.

This article will give you step by step instructions on how to puppy proof your house so make it safe.

1. Work From The Floor Up

Like a baby, puppies also explore their world by putting everything in their mouth. Make sure that you keep the floors clear of small items and children’s toys. If your puppy gets a hold of them it may choke on them. The same goes for any debris like paper, pencils, crayons and other items that are small enough for your puppy to chew on.

If you have children you need to close off their play room or the areas that are commonly messy or that have toys scatter about. All it takes is one small piece of a toy or a crayon to send your puppy to the emergency room for surgery.

2. Dog Proofing Your Trash

As mentioned above, dogs learn about the world by putting everything on their mouth. Dogs are drawn to trash cans. The smell of garbage just gets dogs excited. Food waste can cause your dog to get sick or worse. Some foods are extremely toxic to dogs. Bathroom trash can also be dangerous and in some cases it can be life-threatening. It is always best to keep your trash in a elevated area or behind a closed door were your dog cannot reach it. If you must have a container out in the open make sure the container is covered and the top cannot be easily opened.

3. Cleaning Supplies Are Toxic

Keeping cleaning supplies in an enclosed area is a must. Pet (like children) must be kept away from them at ALL cost. Most all cleaning supplies and chemicals are toxic to all animals and most are dangerous for people as well. They should be kept on a high shelf or in a closet well out of the reach of your dog.

 4. Electrical Cords, Outlets and Electronics

Electrical cords are like chew toys to a puppy. Along with the possibility of electric shock and electrocution, small pieces of wire and bits of the covering can cause stomach distress and damage to your puppy’s digestive tract.

Other electronic devices and accessories such as earbuds and phone cords can also cause a lot of harm. Unfortunately, there’s going to be cords in your home. But be sure to keep wires protected or in a safe place and watch your pup to make sure it’s not chewing on electrical cords. To make these more safe, you can buy cord wraps and covers at most home improvement and big box stores.

5. Growing Problems

There are many plants that can be harmful to dogs. Some just cause vomiting, diarrhea or stomach problems. Others can cause much more serious issues including organ failure and death. Research all of the plants you have or plan to bring into your home or yard to make sure they are not harmful to dogs.

6. Keep Medications in a Safe Place

Keep all of your medicines and personal care items out of reach and your pet. Also make sure they are properly secured so that they will not accidently fall into the path of your dog. If your pup is a chewer, he may be able to chew through the container. This could be fatal.

Many of us are guilty of laying our pills on the counter and then getting distracted by the phone, a visitor or something else and coming back to take them later. It’s important to stop this habit because your dog could get to them before you do.

7. Puppy Proof Furniture

Adopt The Right Dog - your new dog must fit your lifestyle
How to Puppy Proof Your Home
Adopt The Right Dog - by Michael Albee - your new dog must fit your lifestyle

When you get a dog, you have to decide if it will be allowed on the furniture. If you do, you may want to increase the lifespan of it by putting waterproof covers on all of the pieces of furniture you will allow it to be on. That way your dog can lay on the couch all he wants and you don’t have to worry about him hurting the couch.

8. Small Objects

Be aware of all small objects that can fall on the floor easily. Never leave earrings, coins, USB drives or any other small items on end tables or coffee tables were the puppy can get to them. Puppies can get into anything in a very short time so make sure you’re putting things away where they belong. Pick up after yourself and always keep a close watch on your puppy until it has been better trained!

9. Dogs and Cats

Dogs are naturally attracted to the kitty litter box. Not only is this disgusting but it’s also dangerous. Cat litter can cause health problems. If you have cat keep the litter box out of the reach of the dog.

10. Backyard Safety

Puppy proofing your backyard is much more than just putting up a fence. Like your home, you need to be aware of all plants and items that can cause illness or injury to your dog.

11. Don’t Forget the Holidays

Holidays can pose many different safety issues. Decorations strung throughout the house can be pulled down and things can be knocked over causing injury. Holiday foods can cause sickness and things like fireworks can cause fear, aggression and physical injuries from a dog’s natural fear of loud noise.

Dogs can also exhibit stress during the holidays due to a change in routine and the amount of people in its environment. Take extra care to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe during holidays.

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“Puppy Proof Your Home To Make Your New Puppy Safe”