Leash Training Basics For You and Your Dog

Make Walking More Fun For The Both Of You

Leash Training Basics For You And Your Dog

This article contains some Leash Training Basics For You and Your Dog. Applying the ideas here will make walking much more fun for the both of you.

Leash training is important for several reasons. Leash training is one of the basic things every dog owner must know in order to control it in public. Walking your dog on the leash is also one of the fastest ways to strengthen the bond” between you and your dog.

Another benefit to walking your dog every day is that it helps to relieve your dog’s anxiety, stress and pent-up energy. This is critical in order to keep your dog out of trouble around the house.

Most dogs really look forward to walking with their owners. Leash pulling often begins before the leash is even hooked to the dog’s collar. When the dog finds out you are ready to go for a walk the excitement quickly builds. Sometimes even to a fever pitch. Your dog may act out in several ways. It may frantically run back and forth between you and the door. It may start jumping, spinning, barking and howling or a host of other things.

They do this because before you even get out of the door, your dog’s mind is already down the street.

Stay Calm

It is important for you to make sure your dog calms down and relaxes before you even put the leash on. (Warning: This may take a little while at first, so plan in some extra time for it).

Allowing the dog to act out is fine as long as you don’t move forward until it calms down. If the excitement returns when you put the leash on, take a few more minutes to allow the dog to calm down again before you continue.

If you allow the walk to begin when your dog is excited, you have set the tone for the entire walk, and it will not be a pleasant one.

You need to train your dog to be calm if you expect it to walk calmly beside you. Have your dog “sit and stay” while you put the leash on. Don’t put it on until the dog stays calm. That tells your dog it must stay calm or the walk is not going to start.

Leash Training Basics For You and Your Dog
Leash Training Basics For You and Your Dog

If your dog moves from the “sit – stay” it needs to know that the walk will be delayed until it is calm again. Do not give in and your dog will quickly learn that the walk does not happen until it is calm.

While walking, every time he or she begins to pull or lunge, just simply stop and make him or her sit again. When he or she is calm again, give calm praise and quietly move forward.

Introduction of a collar (or harness) and leash. 

If your dog (or puppy) has never been on a leash or had a collar on these Leash Training Basics should help.

You will need to start out by letting your dog (or puppy) get used to. Place it on the ground near him and let him get used to seeing and smelling it. When they are used to it, you can then let him get used to wearing it. Let him wear it for short periods of time at first. Then remove it, praise him or give him a treat.

You may have to begin with only a few seconds at first. Give praise if he doesn’t react poorly to the experience. Your praise should include something like: “Good Dog, that’s your collar (leash).

Remember. Foreign items may frighten your dog at first. If this happens just lay the collar or leash back on the ground and let him get used to it again. Once they are used to it, you can start again. Don’t be in a hurry. The time you spend will pay off.

Over the next few days you should slowly increase the time he wears it until he is oblivious to it. This should only take a few days if you practice 6-12 times per day.

Feel free to play with him and giving him treats during the time he is wearing it. He will learn very quickly to love this time because it represents fun and treats.


There are several variations of this training that will get the same results. If you need help leash training your dog you can contact us and we can give personal instruction. Contact Us.

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Leash Training Basics For You and Your Dog – Make Walking More Fun For The Both Of You