Why would someone tell somebody else, “There’s no way you will ever be able to get that done!” Or, What makes you think you can do that, you don’t have any clue!”
OK, I know you’ve heard me say this before, but it STILL amazes me how unsupportive some people are. Even those who claim to be “On Our Side”, like our friends and family are guilty of it.
Sure, sometimes we need to be “poked and prodded” into action, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about someone being told that they might as well give up or not waste the time trying.
The Details:
A concerned dog owner contacted me. This person is having problems with a very fearful dog. He is afraid of everything. They have been working with the dog for many months but have not been able to find anything that helps.
They went on to say that both friends and family members have suggested that they get rid of the dog (send it to a shelter) and let someone else worry about it! The problem with that is, that most shelters are already stretched to the limit and a dog with fear issues would more than likely be put down to make more room for more adoptable dogs.
My response was to spend as much time reading about the problem and the possible solutions. I also suggested that they find a local trainer that specializes in fear issues. I also offered any help I could give as I have more than a passing knowledge in these matters.
My point was to encourage and praise the owner for not giving up on the dog. We do give up on a family member when they have behavioral issues. Why would we do it to a family pet!