It’s called Black Dog Syndrome or Big Black Dog Syndrome (BDS or BBDS). It’s a problem that every animal shelter and dog

BLACK DOGS MATTER2016-09-11T13:29:21-05:00

Taking Dogs For Walks in the Winter

I wrote this great article about taking dogs for walking in winter weather conditions and I've been waiting for the weatherman to

Taking Dogs For Walks in the Winter2012-01-06T01:26:31-06:00

Man: A Dog's Worst Enemy

There is an old saying: A dog is a man’s best friends. But it can also be said: Man is a Dog’s

Man: A Dog's Worst Enemy2011-11-03T01:16:16-05:00

Death Row Dogs

I was going to write an article about the things my dog and I did this past weekend … and we had a

Death Row Dogs2011-09-26T09:31:36-05:00
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