There is an old saying: A dog is a man’s best friends. But it can also be said: Man is a Dog’s worse enemy. When are we humans going to learn? (Present company excluded of course).
I have just spent the last hour or so reading through my Facebook Page. As a result,  I am depressed, upset and frustrated. PLEASE, don’t leave … Hear me out!
I read no less than twenty-five posted about dogs that are in high kill shelters across the Midwest. They are there only because a human has given up on them. Most of them are now in their last hours of life! Unless a miracle happens or unless someone happens to find it in their heart to help, that is. (depression)
There were also a few of those “This dog was rescued from an abusive owner” or “this dog was removed from a back yard were it was chained up with no food or shelter” kind of posts. (upset)
By the time I got through everything, two things were going through my mind! Is treating an animal with a little dignity really that tough?  Are we SO consumed with ourselves that we can’t see what we’re doing is wrong? (frustrated)
Animal abuse and neglect is a big problem. I feel that the only way it will ever stop is to educate people.That’s what groups like the Iowa Dog Trust is all about.
It cannot be denied that dogs are the most loyal living beings on earth. They stand proudly beside their humans not matter what. They are always on the lookout to protect them from any dangers that may just happen to come along. Deep down, all a dog wants to do is please it’s human. And they will protect and defend that human to the death if necessary.
So I ask you. What is wrong with these people? All that a dog asks in return is that they be given some food, water, a warm place to live and a little attention once in a while. Is that SO Hard? What ever happened to the “Golden Rule”?
But just when I thought there was no hope left … up popped a few new posts. One talked about the fact that a number of dogs had been placed in new homes today. Another post said that donations were coming in at a record pace and that the money raised would be able to help a local shelter get blankets and some other greatly needed supplies to help a lot of homeless pets over the next few months.
Cool … my faith in humanity has once again been restored. Now I’m back to the point of being optimistic! This news has given me the will and the strength to move forward.
So let me ask you a question: Is it just me? Or do you all go through this same thing?
Lastly, If you can … Please help homeless pets! And if you want to help, help by donating your time and / or your money to your LOCAL shelter or rescue. When you donate locally, you CAN really make a big difference!