It never ceases to amaze me how infinitely patient a dog can be … and how psychotically impatience they can become when they are ignored!
These passed few days (Saturday and Sunday) I decided I needed to take some time off and get away from work, the phone and everything I spend all my time doing to try to get ahead. So I declared the weekend a “mental heath” weekend. And after the extra pressures of the past few weeks I felt it was much needed so didn’t become a “clock-tower sniper” or something.
Saturday I made breakfast and then I just “bummed” around the house. In the late morning and into the afternoon I working in the yard and played fetch and frisbee with the dog. We spent several hours walking the neighborhood too. While Patchs sniffed around catching up on all of her “pee-mail” messages that other neighbor dogs left in the grass and on the telephone poles, I took the time to say hello and “chit-chat” with my neighbors who were also taking advantage of the nice weather.
When we finally got home, we hung out on the front porch, had a nice cool drink and kicked back for awhile.
Sunday, it was more of the same …
But have you ever noticed … when you spend that extra time with your dog, he /she seams to feel that you should do it ALL of the time?
I ask this because, as I got back into “work mode” again this morning I got a look from my dog that seamed to say, HEY, STOP THAT … Come Down Here and Play with Me! Let’s go for another one of those walks!
Well, I love my dog, so I got down on the floor and played for a few minutes. And that seams to have made her happy. For a few minutes anyway!!!
Happy Monday everyone! Hang in there! Friday is just a few days away … 😉