RIP Neka – 1 Year Ago Today

Neka came to us as a two-year old stray who was living as a shelter dog. No one wanted her because she

RIP Neka – 1 Year Ago Today2012-04-04T16:00:06-05:00

A Poem to Remember Neka

Always close, no matter how far Love we feel, coming from the heart You forever, part of who we are Memories made,

A Poem to Remember Neka2011-10-29T01:01:02-05:00

A Good Dog Never Dies

A good dog never dies. Instead, she walks beside me on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's

A Good Dog Never Dies2011-10-10T08:00:11-05:00

Into Canine Paradise

The photo above is a picture of Neka's Garden when it was completed in June. The poem below is one I wrote shortly

Into Canine Paradise2011-10-09T09:21:48-05:00
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