The Power of a Smile

There is nothing like coming home after a trying day and seeing the smile of your best friend. It changes your attitude,

The Power of a Smile2016-09-16T12:51:56-05:00

Remembering the Past Part 2

This is a photo of my dog Princess Neka. She was one of my biggest challenges and one of my greatest learning

Remembering the Past Part 22014-01-07T11:23:19-06:00

Remembering the Past

I was going through some old photos today and came across this one. The poem is set to a 60's some by

Remembering the Past2014-01-06T00:15:09-06:00

Paying it Forward – Update

Back in October of 2012 I had a chance to work with two very nice young ladies. They are hungry for knowledge

Paying it Forward – Update2013-12-26T09:46:32-06:00

RIP Neka – 1 Year Ago Today

Neka came to us as a two-year old stray who was living as a shelter dog. No one wanted her because she

RIP Neka – 1 Year Ago Today2012-04-04T16:00:06-05:00

What Ever Happened to Honesty

In the immortal words of singer Billy Joel, Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. Honesty is hardly ever heard.

What Ever Happened to Honesty2012-03-11T23:39:18-05:00
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