It was my turn to supply the Turkey and Stuffing for the “big” meal this year so my day started pretty early. Well OK, it wasn’t THAT early … but when I get a day off, I kinda like to sleep in!
After loading up the bird of honor, the roaster, the box of fixin’s and all the stuff to prepare the meal into my ‘lil red wagon, Patchs and I jumped in and headed for Grandma’s house. After a short drive over the river and through the streets we arrived and started cooking.
About an hour and a half before lunch was to be served the rest of the dinner guests (including my brother) arrived. We sat and talked, had a few cups of coffee and talked about everyone that didn’t show up!!! j/k  😉  Patchs was the center of attention and delighted guests with all of her tricks … until the turkey came out of the oven that is.
After the feast, we went out into the yard to enjoy the warmer than normal afternoon. Patch got to chase some squirrels and play with Pressley (the neighbor’s dog).We watched!!!
If today is any indication of what the rest of the long weekend is going to be like, we will be having a great holiday weekend. I hope all of you get a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends this weekend! And Please … don’t forget to include your four footed best friends in all of the fun too!