Why Shouldn’t I Punish My Dog When It “Goes” in the House?

“Housebreaking Is A Better Choice”

Why Shouldn’t I Punish My Dog when It “Goes” in the House?


Why Shouldn’t I Punish My Dog when It “Goes” in the house?


Unwanted behavior should always be corrected, but unless you catch your dog “in the act” of relieving itself, yelling, spanking or even rubbing it’s nose in it, is a waste of time and effort. Just clean it up and move on with your life.

Why Shouldn't I Punish My Dog when It Goes in the House

The reason yelling and/or scolding your dog “after the fact” is useless is because dogs live in the moment. Your dog must be able to put the correction with the correct unwanted behavior. If not your dog will not be able to figure out why it is being yelled at.

Dragging the dog over to the soiled area and scolding it or rubbing it’s nose it the mess is counter-productive.  The dog will only become afraid of you or may actually make it hesitant to go to the bathroom in the future.

Instead you need to take a more proactive approach. When a dog needs to “go” it will give you signs. It will start sniffing, squatting, circling or move slowly with its tail out straight. That is a sign the your dog needs to out immediately.

In the event that your dog begins to poop or pee inside, pick it up. It will stop. You can also interrupt him by clapping and saying “NO” in a load firm voice.

Take the dog outside immediately (carry him whenever possible). Put the dog on a leash and lead him to the place you want him to “go.” Make sure you praise the dog when it finishes OUTSIDE.

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“Why Shouldn’t I Punish My Dog When It “Goes” in the House? – Punishment doesn’t work. Housebreaking your dog is a much better choice.”