What Is A Puppy Mill

“It is A Commercial dog farm that continuous breeds until they die or are discarded”

What Is A Puppy Mill?


The dictionary defines a puppy mills as an establishment that breeds puppies for sale. Typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane.

To answer the question What Is A Puppy Mill we also need to look at the definitions for both words puppy and mill. 

Simply put, “to mill” is to move in a circular pattern (comes from cattle milling and the grinding of grains). The word “milling” refurs to a cycle that is never broken. It is continuous.

Hence when applied to animal breeding it means that the breeding is continuous. A commercial dog breeding operation (a.k.a. puppy mill) is at its heart, the definition of continuous breeding. They breed dogs over and over until such time that they can no longer have litters and are then killed and discarded. 

Puppy Mills are nothing like reputable breeders. Puppy Mills treat dogs like livestock. In reality, puppy mills treat dogs much worse than livestock. Many puppy mills do not even provide proper health care.

In contrast a reputable breeder will not be breeding the same female year after year after year. Reputable breeders do not therefore fit the definition of a mill because the constant breeding pattern has been broken.

What is a Puppy Mill?

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“Puppy Mills are Commercial Dog Farms that Continuous Breed Dogs Until they Die or Are Discarded”