Webster’s defines a dog as a domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris) related to the fox and wolf family and raised in a wide variety of breeds. Although that definition is basically accurate, it falls a bit short of the mark in a lot of ways.
To some, a dog is that noisy thing they hear in the distance that never seems to be quiet. To others it’s a four footed furry kid. To others, a dog is a friend and companion. While these are also accurate descriptions, they still may not be the best way to describe what a dog really is either.
To see what a dog really is, you need to look past the obvious. You have to take the time to get to know a dog from top to bottom, nose to tail and from a new puppy to old dog.
A dog is trusting. It trusted you to provide food, water, exercise, guidance and a safe environment to grow up in.
A dog is obedient. When you and your dog are connected, it will do anything for you because all it wants to do is please you.
A dog is always there for you. When you have had a bad day, all it wants to do is make you happy again. When you have had a good day, all it wants to do is celebrate with you.
A dog is your protector. From watching your stuff when you are away, to backing you up when a stranger approaches, your dog is always looking out for you. It will even let you know when something is wrong and warn you about it.
A dog is an entertainer. When your spirits are low, or when you are board out of your mind, your best friend will always be there to do something to amaze, amuse and make you glad to be you.
A dog is a therapist. When you are stressed out from all of the things that life throws at you, all it takes is a few minutes on the couch (or the floor) with your dog and that stress just melts away. Dogs just have a way about them. They know how to take your mind off your troubles and make you feel better. The best part is: You don’t even need an appointment!
A dog is a replacement for medication. Not only will your dog help with stress relief, it can also help you reduce your blood pressure, help you with weight loss, and make you feel younger. As your physical trainer, your dog will restore you to your former self and reduce the need some of your medications. All you have to do is take him for a 20 minute walk everyday.
A dog is also a “brother in arms” because it shares difficult, dangerous or stressful experiences without question or reservation.
Lastly, A dog is a best friend. A dog will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night. When you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to bounce an idea off of, some to hang out with, or someone to share your life with, a dog will always make time for you.