What Do You Mean by “Bonding With Your Dog”?

“Why Is It So Important?”

What Do You Mean by “Bonding With Your Dog”?


What Do You Mean by Bonding With Your Dog?


I have this question asked all of the the time. The short answer is that bonding with your dog means that you create a mutual relationship based on trust and respect!

But the full answer goes a little deeper than that!

If you expect your dog to be a loving, obedient companion you need to create a solid bond. This bond is the single most important thing you will ever do with your dog.

Bonding is the way you create and maintain an open line of communication. Effectively communicating with your dog allows both of you to learn to please each other. It is also a must if you plan to get anywhere with your training plans.

Dogs study us closely. They pick up little signals from us all of the time. Dogs read our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and physical movements. They also read our emotions, feelings and our energy.

Test your bond sometime. Try to go through a full day without using words to talk to your dog. If you can’t do it, your bond is not strong enough yet!

What Do You Mean by Bonding With Your Dog

Communications is Key

It is important that the communication goes both ways! Spend as much time as possible learning to understand your dog’s language. If you don’t, it will only make your relationship much more difficult.

Furthermore you will have a hard time understanding what or why your dog is doing some things that it does. This is one of the biggest reasons that dogs are taken to, or return to, a shelter or a rescue organization.

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“What Do You Mean by “Bonding With Your Dog”? – Why Is It So Important?”