Angels don’t always have a pair of wings,
Sometimes they bark and chase after things.
Angels don’t always wear beautiful halos,
Sometimes they just have a cold, wet nose.
Angels don’t always sleep on a cloud,
Sometimes they bark out the window real loud.
Angels don’t always sing in heavenly chorus,
Sometimes we call them and they try to ignore us.
Angels come in all sizes and shapes,
Sometimes they chase the cat up the new drapes.
Angels will sometimes make really big messes,
But when they are good, we know God has blessed us.
Angels were put here to watch over us,
That’s why they always make such a big fuss.
We sing about angels during this season,
but there always right here, they have a good reason.
Angels are loyal, and watch out for us,
returning the favor is all up to us.
Give an angel a home and treat her with love,
When called home by God she’ll protect from above!
(In Loving Memory of His Majesty’s First Princess Neka)