The Power of a Smile

There is nothing like coming home after a trying day and seeing the smile of your best friend. It changes your attitude,

The Power of a Smile2016-09-16T12:51:56-05:00


It’s called Black Dog Syndrome or Big Black Dog Syndrome (BDS or BBDS). It’s a problem that every animal shelter and dog

BLACK DOGS MATTER2016-09-11T13:29:21-05:00

Remembering the Past Part 2

This is a photo of my dog Princess Neka. She was one of my biggest challenges and one of my greatest learning

Remembering the Past Part 22014-01-07T11:23:19-06:00

A Good Dog Never Dies

A good dog never dies. Instead, she walks beside me on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's

A Good Dog Never Dies2011-10-10T08:00:11-05:00

Into Canine Paradise

The photo above is a picture of Neka's Garden when it was completed in June. The poem below is one I wrote shortly

Into Canine Paradise2011-10-09T09:21:48-05:00

Dogs Doing Funny Stuff

If you have been reading this blog, you know that back in April I had to say goodbye to my beautiful German

Dogs Doing Funny Stuff2011-10-07T07:45:39-05:00

Today, I Made a Difference

I'll never bring about world peace. I won't single handedly save the rain forest. I'm not a brain surgeon and I'll never

Today, I Made a Difference2011-09-22T08:01:38-05:00
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