Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels .. @#+%!
There is one thing in this world I can NOT allow. And that is: I can NOT allow all of those little brown furry tree rats to run freely around in my backyard. It’s against every part of my being! If they want to build their houses in the tops of trees, they should have to STAY up there all of the time! … But wait … Maybe I should start back at the beginning.
I was born with hunting and gathering in my blood. As a member of the “sporting group” I love to stay active. I could run for hours, take a drink of water, and run for hours again. I also have some “herding” blood in me, so I love to chase things too.
My first love is to give chase to anything that moves. I stay pretty busy most of the year. I have over an acre of backyard, a creek, and a whole bunch of big trees to patrol so it takes a lot of my time. Oh, I also have a 7 acres farm field I have to keep an eye on!
My job is to look out for rabbits, squirrels, birds, ground squirrels and even a ground hog or two. On occasion we even get a visit from a family of foxes. It’s like my master says, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another!
I’m not one who likes to just lay around the house! I like to stay busy. After breakfast I ask to go outside. I like to hang out in the yard most of the day as long as the weather is nice. That’s when most of those pesky varmints are out anyway. When my human can’t be outside with me, I’m hooked up to a cable that runs from the back door of my house to the garden shed (about 100 ft) in the backyard.
Squirrels are my favorite thing to chase. I usually just go out and lay next to the shed so they can’t see me … and I wait! When one of them comes down the tree and gets ready to jump down into my grass … I jump up and bark REAL LOUD at them. They spin around and run right back up the tree. IT’S SO GREAT!!! Then they sit up in the tree and cuss at me. But that doesn’t bother me, I just stand there and say, “Come over here and say that, I dare you!” Hee, hee, hee
It’s great fun and a good way to pass the time of day! That is, until my human comes out and lets me run the whole yard.
When he comes out, I run back to the back of our lot where all the big trees are. When I get there I stand at the bottom of the trees and ask all of the squirrels to come down and play! I think they are all chicken because they just sit in the tree and sass me.
Once in a while one will come down, but they are usually way away from me. When I see them, and they are about 50 yards away, I take off on a flat-out run. Sometimes I take them by surprise and they can’t figure out which way they want to run. But at the last second they take off and run back to the tree. One of these days I’m gonna catch one of them. And they’ll be sorry!
Who needs ‘um??? I do … I love a challenge, and I need the job!!!