T’was the night before Christmas, the season is here.
My dog sleeps beside me, she’s really a dear.
The stockings are hung, we’re relaxing a while.
Life’s pretty good and I’ve got a great pal.
For years now I’ve known that St. Nick is not real.
It’s the sprit of giving, that’s the really big deal.
Millions of children, all snug in their beds.
They dream of new toys, it goes without being said.
I think of their dogs. Are they fed? Are they warm?
I pray that they’re all happy, and not feeling poor.
Just then on the lawn, there begins such a clatter.
I spring from my chair to see what is the matter.
Away to the window I fly like a flash.
I’m thinking a stray might be into my trash.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear.
T’was the Spirit of Christmas – dressed up like a deer.
He looked and he saw me, it looked like he winked.
Gotta be the Magic of Christmas! Then he smiled … well, I think!
More rapid than rabbits he ran from the scene.
Just then Patchs barked, and tried to sound mean.
I told her “Be quiet. Listen and learn.”
We went out on the porch without a concern.
We looked into the night, and we saw a great light.
The North Star of Christmas was shinning so bright.
I knew in that instant, if I got nothing else all year.
Santa had been here once already this year.
Patchs came as a gift that was not just for the season.
She’s now a part of our life and God had a good reason.
I still think of companions that were mine in the past,
They’re gone now to Heaven to live with my Dad.
At Christmas we hasten to buy kids a great gift.
But there’s one thing important we sometimes might miss.
A dog will be loyal, your companion for life.
He’ll love and adore you, and help you thru strife.
A dog needs to be family, and cared for the same.
Don’t give someone a life, then put it out on a chain.