How Far Should I Walk my Dog?

“A Simple Question With A Complexed Answer”

How Far Should I Walk my Dog?


How Far Should I Walk my Dog?


The answer to this question is not as “cut and dry” as one might think. This is because there are so many different variables to consider.

Small dogs receive as much physical benefit from a short walk as large bread dogs do from walking two miles.

There are a few things to consider in determining the correct length of walk for your dog.  First, is the size of your dog. Next, you should consider the age and overall health of your dog. Lastly, you need to factor in the conditions that you and your dog will be subjected to while you are walking that day.

How Far Should I Walk my Dog?

For instance: If you have a small dog you won’t need to walk as far as if you own a Great Dane. This is because the small dog will obviously become tired much faster. Likewise, if you own an older dog, it won’t require nearly as much exercise as a 1-3 year old dog.

A 15-45 minute walk under normal weather conditions is considered to be a “healthy” walk.

Safety First

Above all, no matter how good of condition your dog is in, always watch your dog for signs of fatigue. Terminate the walk immediately if your dog is having trouble breathing, panting hard or its pace is slowing down drastically. If your dog is in any distress you should consult your veterinarian at once.

In warmer weather, you should also carry a bottle of water. Allow your dog to have a drink occasionally. This will keep it from becoming dehydrated or overheated during the walk. If overheating or dehydration occurs your dog could suffer from cramps, muscle spasms or even death.

For this reason, daily walks during the summer months should always be done when it is cooler outside. During the early morning or late evening hours is probably best. Another reason to walk your dog in early morning or late evening hours is that the pavement is cooler.

The hot pavement is very hard on the pads of your dog’s feet. It feels the same to them as it does to you if you walk barefooted on the hot concrete.

Start off slowly if you are just starting to walk a new puppy or a dog that usually doesn’t get much exercise. You should start off slowly to build endurance levels. Add a block or two every week or so until you get up to the distance that works for both of you.

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“In Most Cases A 15-45 Minute Walk Will Help Your Dog Burn Excess Energy & Keep Them Healthy”