How Do I Get My Dog to Trust Me?

“Trust Is a Result Of Creating A Friendship”

How Do I Get My Dog to Trust Me?


How Do I Get My Dog to Trust Me?


Building a trusting relationship is really very easy to do. It’s really no different than getting another person to trust you.

Trust is the end result of building a bond (a friendship) between you and your dog! Building a bond is accomplished when you spend time hanging out and playing with your dog. The more time you spend, the faster your dog will trust you. Spend time playing with toys, taking walks, training, going for rides in the car or just spend time relaxing together around the house. Taking walks can also be a quick way to get your dog to trust you.

How Do I get my dog to trust me?

Spending time and being around your dog serves two purposes. It allows you to get to know and understand your dog. It also helps your dog understand and learn about you. 

Plan to spend at least 48 hours non-stop when bringing a new dog into your home for the first time. You need to include the dog in everything you do during this period of time.

Your dog will get used to you very quickly. By the end of day two you’ll notice that it is beginning to get comfortable in its new surroundings. It’s probably even following you around the house. 

Hand Feeding is also a good idea for the first few days. This will show the dog that you are the source of food and water. This will show your dog that you are someone he can trust to provide and care for him.

One of the signs that you have your dog’s complete trust is that he is glad to see you. There is nothing like it when your dog meets you with a wagging tail when you come through the door.

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“How Do I Get My Dog to Trust Me?”