How Can I Keep My Dog from Submissive Peeing?

“Teaching Your Dog Confidence”

How Can I Keep My Dog from Submissive Peeing?


How Can I Keep My Dog from Submissive Peeing?


Submissive Peeing and Excited Peeing are two different things. Excited peeing is common and your dog will probably outgrow it. As for submissive peeing there are several things you can do.

Before you get started you must first rule out any physical issues. In order to do this you will want to visit your veterinarian’s office. An examination should be able to rule out things like a bladder infection or urinary tract infection.

How Can I Keep My Dog from Submissive Peeing?

With a clean bill of health, here are a few suggestions you try to correct the problem.

1). Raise your dog’s self-esteem.
2). Remove the over-excitement.
3). When possible, take the dog out a few minutes before your guests arrive.

Raise Your Dog’s Self-esteem:

Excited peeing can be a result of low confidence levels. One of the best ways to raise confidence is to build a bond between you and your dog. Then work on basic training. Rewarding and praising you dogs good behavior will raise self-esteem levels very quickly.

Remove Over-excitement:

The goal of this training is to keep you dog as calm as possible. For this reason you will want to keep excitement levels as low as possible. Level 2 excitement is much easier to control than level #10 is.

Here is an example of this kind of training. Your situation may vary.

First, begin with your dog on a leash. Have your dog “Sit & Stay” quietly somewhere away from the excitement. You may want to put a rug, dog bed or towel on the floor as a visual reference marker.

Next, have someone knock on the door or enter the room.

Any time your dog begins to get excited, correct it immediately. Return your dog back in the “Sit” possition quietly. Softly reward your dog when it is calm and quiet. A treat or toy is probably best. Vocal praise may excite your dog again. Repeat this training several times per day for several weeks or until the dog remains calm.

Take It Outside:

In the early stages of training you will probably want to take yourdog outside before any guests arrive. Make sure your dog does its business. You can also make your dog’s first greetings out in the yard to minimize any clean-up.


When guests come in, tell them that they MUST IGNORE your dog at first. Keep any greetings between yuo and your guests very low key. Make them seem like no big deal. The dog should respond by being less excited.

Keeping your dog calm for the first 5 minutes or so is the key keeping your floor dry. Your and your guests should do 3 things.

  • Don’t say anything to the dog.
  • Don’t give the dog any eye contact.
  • Do not touch or pet the dog.

After your guests have been in the house for a few minutes they can quietly pet, play and say hello. Just make sure to keep thing calm and low key so your dog doesn’t get over excited.

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“How Can I Keep My Dog from Submissive Peeing?”