By Best Friend Patchs

Dogs are very perceptive animals. When they bond with their humans they are able to tune in on their owner’s departure habits, arrival habits and they can tell when their owners are going to start supper. They can even pick up on their owner’s uneasiness or fears. They can also tell when we’re happy or sad.
My dog knows when I am going out the door because she sees my shoes go on. In the winter time, when my coat comes out of the closet, she becomes excited and does her little dance at the back door because she knows she is going to be able to run around the back yard and bark at the world … or maybe she’s going for a walk!!!
Recently I came down with a really bad cold. That’s actually why this blog has been a little light this past week!
This cold was one of those: plugged sinus’, head throbbing, body aching, coughing, raw throat, fever and joint pain kind of things that just had me beat. It was so bad that it hurt to breath at times.
But Patchs (bless her heart) saw that I was having a bad time. Other than her bathroom trips to the back yard she did her very best to leave me alone and let me sleep as much as possible. I have one of those BIG floor pillows, and I threw a warm blanket down, and she even came over and laid next to me and kept me warm for a day or so.
She was wonderful. I could see that she was genuinely concerned for my well-being. I could see this because she wasn’t trying to get me to play, she didn’t pester me to let her outside every five minutes and she wasn’t even looking for my attention. She normally does all of these things.
Today was the first day in a full week that I have felt “back to normal” and I rewarded her for her loyality and kindness with lots of playing and some of her favorite treats.