Do Dogs Get Lazy After Being Altered?

“The Myth Lives On”

Do Dogs Get Lazy After Being Altered?


Do Dogs Get Lazy after being Altered?


This spay & neutering question has been asked and answered for years. For some reason it is still being asked.

So here goes!

Veterinarians and behaviorists alike say that the removal of a dogs reproductive parts does not make it lazy.

The cause of laziness in altered dogs is actually overeating and not receiving the proper amount of exercise every day. Spay or nurturing simply reduces or eliminates the dog’s focus on mating and reproducing. As a result, most dogs become more affectionate and attentive to the families as a result of spay or neuturing.

Some dogs do however become more interested in food after being altered. So you may want to monitor the amount of food you give them. It may become necessary to feed smaller portions if they start gaining weight.

Do Dogs Get Lazy After Being Altered?
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“Do Dogs Get Lazy After Being Altered? – The Myth Lives On!”