How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog

How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog Every year ticks infect thousands of animals and people with illnesses like Lyme disease. Disease transmission

How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog2019-04-09T14:41:10-05:00

My Perfect Valentine’s Day

My Perfect Valentine’s Day would start waking up next to my girl. We would lie there in bed and cuddle, enjoying each

My Perfect Valentine’s Day2019-02-14T09:10:12-06:00

The Power of a Smile

There is nothing like coming home after a trying day and seeing the smile of your best friend. It changes your attitude,

The Power of a Smile2016-09-16T12:51:56-05:00


It’s called Black Dog Syndrome or Big Black Dog Syndrome (BDS or BBDS). It’s a problem that every animal shelter and dog

BLACK DOGS MATTER2016-09-11T13:29:21-05:00

The Dreams of a Shelter Dog

  The Dreams Of A Shelter Dog By Michael Albee The card on the door of my run says that my name

The Dreams of a Shelter Dog2023-03-30T17:49:38-05:00
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