Accidents can happen at any time and they always happen without warning. You may be sitting in the yard with friends, walking in the neighborhood, or driving to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared.
The law of averages is against us. Injuries are going to happen! That’s why we should always have a few basic items on hand to treat them when they do. We all know that having an emergency (First Aid) kit in the home and car can save a life. But how many of us have one of these emergency kits for our pets?
I’ve lived with and around dogs since I was 8 years old. But the idea of having a dog friendly first aid kit hadn’t even crossed my mind until the 1990’s. While watching an episode of “Good Dog U” the host, Joel Silverman, had a guest from the American Red Cross explain what we needed have, and how to use each item.
When something goes wrong, you need to be prepared to take care of your pet’s injuries just as you would if it was your spouse, son, daughter, friend or even yourself. You can purchase a first aid kit for your dog at a pet supply store, from the Red Cross or you can make one of your own. If you opt for the last option, here are a few items that you should have on hand:
First Aid Kit Content:
· Bandages and Gauze: to cover wounds
· Scissors
· Tweezers:  to remove objects or debris from injuries
· Cotton Balls & Swabs
· Alcohol towelettes: to clean wounds
· Cold pack or large freezer bags: to ice down injuries
· Towels: to comfort or clean your pet.
· 2”x 60” wide strips of cloth: to bind wounds or hold bandages in place, also to use as a muzzle if needed
· Bone Splints: to immobilize a broken bone or fracture
· A Warm Blanket: to keep your pet from going into shock. May also be used as a stretcher.
· Medical Tape
· Muzzle: to protect you from bits
· First Aid book for animals: Use as a quick reference guide
· The top half of a 1 liter plastic water or soda bottle: To place over the dog’s muzzle to aid in CPR
Come back tomorrow for an explanation of how to administer first aid under different conditions.