The Difference Between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare?

“One Is Against Pet Ownership”

The Difference between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare?


What Is the Difference Between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare?


Animal Rights:

Essentially, the goal of “animal rights” groups is to eliminate all domestic animal ownership. They also want to eliminate all animal use. This means ALL ownership, including service animals, therapy pets or any other uses.

The Difference Between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare?

Animal Rights groups are behind spay and neuter legislation. However it is not for the reasons that Animal Welfare groups are. Animal Rights see it as a way to eliminate all hobby breeders. They are attempting to do so now. Next they are plaining to legislate all of the commercial breeders and puppy mills out of existence.

As a result of this, the only thing left on the plant will be feral animals. For some reason this is what they want. They feel that humans are supposed to admire animals from a respectful distance. 

Animal Welfare:

Animal Welfare groups are much different. The reason they are so much different is because their concern is with the actual care and health of ALL animals. Advocates for animal welfare want better food, housing and care for all domestic animals. Wild animals are also a big concern. Animal Welfare groups continue to advocate for the best possible treatment for wild animals in and out of captivity.

Human Society of the United States:

Interestingly, the HSUS is one of the most radical Animal Rights groups in the world. The HSUS is now starting to brand itself an “animal welfare” group. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SO, Don’t believe it.

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“So What is the Difference Between Animal Right & Animal Welfare?”