How Often To Walk Your Dog?

“It Depends on Your Dog”

How Often Should I Walk my Dog?


How Often Should I Walk my Dog?


The answer depends completely on your dog. It depends on your dog’s age, physical ability and it’s overall health.

Every dog that is in good health should walk a minimum of 15-45 minute a day under normal weather conditions. This is considered to be a “healthy” walk if your dog is in good physical condition.

How Often Should I Walk my Dog?

But ABOVE ALL, no matter what kind of condition your dog is in, you need to watch your dog for signs of fatigue.

If your dog is having trouble breathing, panting hard or it’s pace is slowing down drastically, the walk should be terminated at once. At this point you should consult your veterinarian at once.

If you are just starting to walk a new puppy, or if your dog usually doesn’t get much exercise, you should start off slowly to build endurance levels. Add a block or two every five to seven days until you get up to the distance that works best for both of you.

If your dog has special health needs or problems, contact your veterinarian before you begin any exersize regiment.

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“Walking your Dog Depends on Your Dog’s Physical Ability and Overall Health.”