I was recently contacted by a young person and asked about setting up dog training sessions. There were several very good questions asked. Here is how I answered them.
1). How long should each training session be?
I actually try to keep sessions to under five minutes. Working from home I can take the time to do them more often if needed.
2). Do you use treats when you train?
Yes, but only when I start a new trick or behavior. Once the dog begins to “get it” I phase out the treats. Some dogs will not need treats at all. It depends on their concentration level.

3). Does your dog enjoy training? … and How do you know?
She likes it SO much that she actually tells me that she wants to train! I know this b/c I have a special jar of treats that we ONLY use for training. She walks over to the jar and puts her nose up toward it and gives me that excited “Happy Dance” …
4). How often do you train?
Usually at least a 3 times every day
5). When do you train?
After she comes in from her first time out in the morning, after lunch and mid evening. We also do some “trick reinforcement” during commercials if we watch TV at night.
6). Where do you train?
In the backyard and in the living room
7). How long do your sessions last?
3-5 Minutes tops.
8). What do you do to prepare before a session?
I set a goal of what I want to accomplish for that session.
Example: I want my dog to “stay” for two minutes. When she does it, we’re done! The next session, I want her to “stay” for two minutes 15 seconds. When she does it, we’re done again!

9). How do you end the session?
I always end our sessions on a positive note with my dog doing the trick or behavior correctly. The reward is giving lavish praise for a job well done!
10.) What do you do after a session to reward your dog for a good session?
I get my dog’s favorite toy out and we spend 5-10 minutes playing. If we happen to be in the yard, I throw a ball, frisbee or chase her around the yard