Is It True That Dogs Only See in Black & White?

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Do Dogs Only See in Black & White?


Do Dogs Only See in Black & White?


It used to be believed that dogs could only see in black and white. The fact is that dogs CAN see colors. However, their color pallet is a more limited than that of a human.

Dogs see in color but they just can’t see color as vividly as humans do.

The best way to describe how they view color is: their perception of color is the same as ours is during the twilight hours.

As a comparision the human eye has three cones that see red, green and blue (RGB), whereas dogs only see blue and a color that falls between red and green. This is a hue of yellow.

It’s not that dogs don’t see all the different colors. It just means that the color range they see is compressed into only the blue and green spectrum. As a result of this it means that your dog has red color blindness. Your dog has trouble distinguishing between red and green. Keep this in mind the next time you throw a red toy in the green grass and he can’t see it.

But before you start feeling bad for them, remember, dogs do have one distinctive advantage on humans. They can see much better in the dark than we do!

Do Dogs Only See in Black & White?
Do Dogs Only See in Black & White?

Your dogs vision is much more adaptative to low-light situations. This is due to having a much larger pupil that lets in more light. The center of the retina is much more light-sensitive therefore a dog can see much better in dim light than a human can.

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“Dogs Can See Color, But it is Not As Vivid as Humans Can See”